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A Pilates class taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist is very different to a generalised Fitness type Pilates class. Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise and it is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise I can recommend. I teach Pilates that is designed to help you move well with life whether you sit at a desk, are in a car most of the day, play sports, or just feel you have stiffened up. Recently, some of our elite sports people have added Pilates to their training schedule as they can see what Pilates can do for their body and mind. As a Chartered Physiotherapist with a wide range of knowledge on spinal issues, peripheral joint problems, acute and chronic pain pathologies you should feel safe as you engage with and are guided in my Pilates class or on an individual basis. 

The 5 key Pilates Principles will be taught and practiced at every class from Beginners to Advanced.

The Benefits of Pilates


Improved Balance
and Co-Ordination

Relief from Stress
and Back Pain

Enhanced Athletic

Heightened Mind and
Body Performance

Increased Muscular

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Book a Class

Start Tuesday 27th February ,2024.

These classes are in Athlone GAA center and are in person.

The classes will require sufficient numbers in order to proceed.

Evenings  Absolute Beginners 4.30pm, please contact clinic to make booking.

Beginners Pilates   5.30 pm.

Improvers 6.30pm.


Start Monday 26th February,2024.

The Monday classes are on the Zoom platform.

Improvers classes 9.15am.

Advanced Pilates  7pm.

Mondays classes are 45 minutes duration.


 The emphasis in my classes is always on safe movement. Beginners groups will be kept small.

Currently Monday classes will be run via Zoom platform. 

      Tuesday classes will be in Athlone GAA if sufficient numbers.

 The Mondays are a a 6 week block , the Tuesdays are a 6 week block. All classes  must be booked and paid in advance by completing the online booking form. If you cannot attend a class every effort will be made to facilitate you in another class suitable to your abilities.

If you are unsure what level of Pilates best suits your needs please contact me directly at or talk to me directly at 09064 92593

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