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About Aches & Pains

Aches and Pains can affect any part of your body.

A Chartered Physiotherapist will:

  • Help you understand how to manage pain
  • Educate you about your condition and how best to manage it
  • Encourage you to be the best you can be
  • Reduce your fears
  • Help you to move forward with your life 
  • Help you remain at or return to your work and hobbies
  • Teach you to focus on what you can do 
  • Give you back control

Common Conditions

Neck Pain

The Cervical (Neck) Spine is very mobile. Most people can expect to experience some neck pain in their lifetime. The skull is heavy and if your neck muscles are weak through habitual slouching, poor work postures and overuse of handheld devices neck pain can develop. Whiplash, arthritic conditions, reduced eyesight and impaired hearing can also contribute to neck pain. This pain can radiate to head, both shoulders and to the arms. After a comprehensive assessment a treatment plan will be designed for you.

Lumbar Pain

Low Back Pain (LBP) is very common and there are many causes related to postural and lifestyle habits. Most back pain is caused by muscle, ligament or joint strain. Disc degeneration, wear and tear and disc bulges are all normal ageing processes. Back pain sufferers should seek professional advice to establish an accurate diagnosis.  An individual graded activity and exercise plan will be designed for you after your assessment.

Peripheral Joint Pain

Arthritis, sports injuries and overuse injuries can affect any of our peripheral joints and muscular system. Physiotherapy treatments are designed to help regain as much range of movement as possible to the injured area and surrounding joints. This involves building up the stabilising structures (i.e. muscles and ligaments) around the joint, improving your balance and instructions on what to do to maintain these for life. An individual graded activity and exercise plan will be designed after your assessment.

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We are looking forward to working with you to alleviate your pain and guide you through a specifically designed rehabilitation programme.