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About Oncology

I am a member of the Chartered Physiotherapists in Oncology and Palliative Care (CPOPC) group which provides on-going updates on Oncology research and developments and as such I have an awareness of, and sensitivity to the differing needs of individual patients.  

Dealing with a diagnosis can be a difficult period for you the patient and your extended circle. There is a lot of information to take on board. It is important to listen to your qualified medical team who are designing a treatment plan for you. 

Recent research has shown the many benefits of establishing a good safe exercise routine before, during and after your treatment plan.  A Chartered Physiotherapist will help guide you through your exercise plan and encourage you gently along this journey. Check with your medical team before you start the exercise plan.

Exercise Pointers

  • Strive to be active every day
  • Start slowly (especially if you are new to exercise)
  • Progress gradually – every little helps, but the oftener the better
  • Set realistic goals
  • Do some bone and muscle strengthening work twice weekly (get advice)
  • Find an exercise or activity you enjoy ……. and have fun with it
  • Most importantly be kind to yourself

Further information can be found on the Irish Cancer Society website at

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