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An ankle sprain happens when ligaments in the ankle joint are torn after being stretched past their limit. This is  a common injury especially in sports such as volleyball, basketball and field sports. The lateral [outer] ligament is most commonly injured as it is weaker than the medial [inside] ligament. Wearing high heeled shoes puts the lateral ligament into a stretched position and a small twist or stumble can then easily tear it

SYMPTOMS; pain and swelling around the ankle joint. Bruising may also become visible after a day or two. It may be difficult to walk on the sore ankle so crutchs may be needed.

PHYSIOTHERAPY; at Swords physiotherapy a chartered physiotherapist will examine the ankle joint and determine which ligaments are sprained and the degree of sprain .

First degree sprains [ minor ligament  tears] and second degree sprains [moderate ligament tears] can be treated. Third degree sprains [full ligament tears] will require medical


In the early stages R.I.C.E. [rest, ice , compression and elevation] is done to minimise swelling and bruising.

  • Home icing for acute ankle sprain
  • Electrotherapy such as interferential and ultrasound will then be used to control pain, optomise healing and reduce swelling.
  • Interferential therapy to ankle injury
  • Ultrasound treatment to Ankle ligament

Exercises will be prescribed to restore movement, increase strenght , improve balance and proprioception. It is essential to restore full function to the joint to minimise chance of recurrance and return to all sporting activities.

Interferential therapy to ankle injury

Ultrasound treatment to Ankle ligament

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